4 Liters Counter top Water Distiller

Advanced Design Countertop Appliance
Gaseous Vent & Post Carbon Treatment System
Stainless Steel Condenser – Not Aluminium
Stainless Steel Boiler – 4 Litre Capacity
Automatic Power Off after making 4 Litres
Easy to Use & Clean
Available for All Worldwide Electrical Requirements
Detachable Grounded Power Cord
Compact Dimensions:
Height – 36 cm Diameter – 20 cm
Portable & Lightweight:
Weight 3.5 kilo grams
1 Year Limited Warranty
distills approximately 3.2 litres of water in 4.5 hours.
Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as bacteria, dissolved solids, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, cryptosporidium, giardia etc.1. Ordinary tap water is heated to 100° C in a stainless steel boiling chamber, killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.
2. As the water temperature rises, low boiling light gases are discharged through the gaseous vent.
3. Steam rises leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, and all other contaminants.
4. Steam is condensed in a stainless steel coil.
5. This high quality steam distilled water then percolates through a coconut shell carbon filter. (To enhance the taste).
6. The purified drinking water is collected in the four litre storage bottle (included).The lift-off top provides easy access into the seamless, stainless steel container. Pure steam distilled water produces high quality water consistently. It is the way water should be.
Pure steamed distilled water produced at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and virtually pays for itself many times over when compared to bottled water purchases.Image

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