Solar Powered Distillation system

Solar Powered desalination / purification units. Modular system
1 unit can produce 16 liters per day
Domestic Applications
Water Output*:
Temperature 20°C 16 Litres / DAY
Temperature 30°C 20 Litres / DAY
Dimensions: 1110 x 2880mm
Surface Area: 3m2
Weight: 17kg
The system receives impure water through pump or gravity feed and disperses it evenly. Solar energy heats the water, it vaporizes and then condenses on the inside of the composite plastic panel enclosure. Droplets of distilled water run down into a pure water outlet at the bottom of the unit. Greater efficiency of purified water output has been achieved through the unique distillation system design.

The design includes composite layers of the water-tight panel enclosure and the surface treatment of the solar collector. As well as allowing the moist air to circulate the solar collector to produce condensate on the interior front and back surfaces of the enclosing panel.

A breakthrough in Solar Desalination, providing:
• 55 – 65% efficiency solar energy to distilled water
• 50% more efficient than most comparable products
• 5 – 25% of the installed cost of comparable products
Direct Solar Desalination is a unique patented modular panel that has the capability of producing millions and millions of litres of pure distilled water per day. Alternatively
Direct Solar Desalination can be used for smaller domestic, rural and village applications.
Benefits solar powered desalination technology:
• Low cost modular desalination/distillation panel
• Produces distilled water from any source
• Simple robust design and operation
• Gravity or pump fed
• Ground or Roof mounting
• Complete solar generation
• No green house emissions (potential carbon credits)
• No ongoing energy costs
• No filters or costly membranes
• No chemicals
• Low maintenance
• Single or multi unit operation
• ZLD – Zero Liquid Discharge when panels in series
• Environmental and political benefits
• Health Benefits – Saves lives

OK THESE SOLAR POWERED UNITS ARE AROUND $850 PER PANEL + a little bit of freight costImage


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