WATER from AIR Generators
Create pure drinking water direct from the air. No water supply required
State of the art water generation and water purification technologies that secure your pure drinking water demands.
WATER from AIR technology


Unique split unit system is the careful evolution of 12 years research and development in the water industry. The unprecedented ability to connect an atmospheric water generator up to 100m horizontally (35m vertically) completely separate from the water dispenser is just one of the advantages of this advanced system.

Water Filtration Technology
Enhancing health can best be supported by installing a water filtration system. The filtration technology incorporated into the system provides healthy filtered water of the highest quality. The point of use water cooler dispensers incorporates multistage filtration systems capable of removing chemicals and bacteria down to one hundredth of one millionth of one meter (0.01 micron)

Water Filtration Process (7 Stages)
The technology developed for water filter process sets a benchmark in the production of healthy drinking water. The 7 stage water filtration system is unique. This water technology filters down to one hundredth of one millionth of a meter (0.01µm), removing bacteria, cysts & chemicals that competitor’s filters cannot remove.

KA5OOO Unit + KA5000DT desk top unit 20 to 40 litres FLUORIDE & CHLORINE FREE water per day $2,350


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